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Your troubles

DIY Website Building System

No online information, no brand recognition! Products and corporate information are not available online, making them difficult to find and causing low brand recognition or unknown reputation.

Intelligent Website Building Platform

Don't know how to use new media for promotion! The newest mobile new media such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo, and WeChat are not well-understood, not familiar, not played, nor used for promotion.

DIY Website Building

No resources, difficult operation, no team, not professional. There are no network resources, not skilled in operation or execution, no team, or the team is not professional.

Intelligent Website Building System

Don't understand the network, no time, and no strategy. Lack of knowledge in online marketing, no time, no plan, and no marketing strategy.

Experience Now

One-stop Internet Marketing Service

Integrated Marketing # Complete marketing plan, from planning to execution, comprehensive marketing services from building a foundation to brand marketing and conversion.
Online Marketing Integrated Marketing Full Network Marketing
Red Book Marketing # Red Book platform outsourcing marketing services, from account management and brand information to product promotion, store exploration, and maintenance of conversions.
Red Book Brand Promotion Red Book Influencer Red Book Store Exploration Red Book Account Management Red Book Outsourcing Services Annual Contract Services
Short Video Marketing # Any company needs to build its own short video marketing, from video shooting to brand promotion, account management, and one-stop short video marketing services.
Short Video Brand Promotion Short Video Influencer Short Video Store Exploration Short Video Account Management Video Shooting Short Video Outsourcing Services Annual Contract Services
Brand Marketing # From network information filling, personal IP creation, to brand information laying, one-stop network brand marketing services!
Brand Marketing Network Information Filling Personal IP Creation Soft News Marketing Q&A Wiki Map Marking
Media Communication # From soft article marketing to self-media marketing, media invitations, corporate interviews and press conferences, we provide a one-stop media communication service
Soft Article Marketing Self-Media Marketing Media Invitations Corporate Interviews Event Press Conferences Online Press Conferences
Effect Advertising # From basic setup, to brand marketing, to effect drainage and conversion, Buma provides effect drainage and advertising hosting services, making effects worry-free
Effect Drainage Advertising Hosting
Operation and Basic Setup Outsourcing # Help enterprises through enterprise website building, WeChat official account, mini program, double micro operation, Red Book operation and short video operation services
Red Book Operation Short Video Operation WeChat Official Account Operation Enterprise Website Building Mini Program Software Development
Consulting Services # With 5 years of experience, we provide year-round network marketing diagnosis services and solutions, and teach you how to solve current marketing problems step by step
Consulting Services

Marketing Planning-

  • Whole case marketing

  • Whole year marketing

  • New media case

  • Brand building

  • Platform outsourcing

  • Node marketing

The entire case from consultation to implementationSolution Content Resource Operation Full Solution

Tailored service

Marketing consultant one-on-one service
Marketing consultant butler style, nanny style, making marketing worry free!
Project Team Structure
Project Execution Process
Three major divisions with a professional team of 150 people
Beijing Media Center Department
Guangzhou Marketing Center Department
Changsha Mobile New Media Department

Service module

branding Empowering the brand through online marketing, in the era of the Internet, we aim to ensure that the brand has information, can be found, recognized, and trusted
content planning Marketing content planning, keyword extraction
Selling point breakthrough, combined with online communication
Full case content planning and writing
Media Communication Media soft text dissemination and invitation to media
Combining online and offline press conferences to promote products and event themes through media
Product Explosion&Grass Planting Plan new product marketing and marketing promotion, vigorously incubate new products into explosive products through product explosion and grass planting
media buying It has a full platform, including but not limited to Tiktok, Weibo, WeChat, Zhihu, B
stations, in station and other fields and multi level KOL and KOC
New media account operation Operate official self media matrices for brands such as Double WeChat Dou, Xiaohongshu, and

Case Show

They are using our service

  • 3000+enterprise

    Integrated marketing with over 3000 enterprises

  • 150+advertiser

    Providing channels for 150 advertising companies

  • 500+Home institution

    More than 500 institutions cooperate strategically with us

Our services

Conduct in-depth research and analysis, customize feasible online marketing and promotion plans

  • 01

    Submission of Requirements

    Submit your full-network marketing requirements

  • 02

    Consultation with Advisor

    Make an appointment with a marketing teacher for consultation

  • 03

    In-depth Research

    Conduct data-driven in-depth research

  • 04

    Solution Proposal

    Provide detailed full-network marketing proposals

  • 05

    Project Launch

    Start project execution according to plan

  • 06

    Continuous Optimization

    Continuously optimize based on actual circumstances

  • 07

    Reporting and Maintenance

    Report results and provide subsequent maintenance after completion